How to Prolong the Life of Your Sanitary Hose

How to Prolong the Life of your Sanitary Hose?

In our last post, we gave you an introduction to 3A Hose Assemblies and uncovered the elements and benefits of 3A certifications. In this post, we will focus on preventative sanitary hose maintenance and the main issues associated with maintaining your sanitary hose, while also illustrating solutions to help prolong the life of your sanitary hose.



The Importance of 3A Hose Assemblies

What is the Importance of 3A Hose Assemblies?

In our last blog, we explained the features that comprise a standard Sanitary Hose and how certain FDA certifications can designate a Food Grade Hose. In this post, we will give an introduction to 3A, the benefits of your equipment displaying the 3A symbol, and will uncover the elements of 3A standards for hose assemblies. 3A Standards, a platinum-level set of guidelines, are important to understand because they provide a high standard for the hygienic qualities of the equipment used to produce products that we all use.

Food Grade Hoses 101

Welcome to Food Grade Hoses 101. During this crash course we’ll cover the basic construction of a sanitary hose, the building blocks of FDA compliance, and specific certifications.

You likely have an understanding of hose construction. But, if you need to brush up, allow me to provide the basics. Most hoses are comprised of 3 elements: