Product Name
FRH Raised Helix
Product Description

This hose is an excellent choice for receiving bays. Its exterior corrugations provide for tight bending and easy handling. Designed for adverse conditions or cleanup as water will not pool with use of the FRH. Versatile and flexible, this hose is ideal for suction and discharge use up to 150 PSI while not imparting taste or odor. 

  • Perfect for receiving bays
  • Corrugations provide tight bending
  • Ideal for suction and discharge use up to 150 PSI
  • These FDA grade hoses are not suitable for 3-A applications
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Standard Features
  • Exterior Corrugations
  • Easy Handling/Bending
  • Suction & Discharge
  • Will Not Pool
  • Non Imparting of Taste or Odor
Product Datasheet
Industry and Application
  • Receiving Bay
  • Cleanup
Available Models
Model I.D. O.D. Working Pressure Min. Bend Radius Weight per Ft. Vacuum inch HG Length
FRH200 2" 2.59" 150 PSI -- 1.23 lbs. 29" 100'
FRH300 3" 3.58" 150 PSI -- 1.76 lbs. 29" 100'

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