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Patented Fitting

Our Patented Fitting

Before our patented design, the sanitary hose coupling evolved from using a vulcanized method, to internal expansion, to reusable, and finally to the most reliable design- the radially crimped attachment method. Each design had its strengths, however, each had flaws that were addressed with our newly innovated fitting. We took the best components from each of the previous designs to make the process and execution of using sanitary hose assemblies much cleaner, safer, easier, and more efficient.

With our design, the coupling components are completely assembled prior to placement on a hose. We designed the fitting to be perfectly aligned every time, and with the use of a gasket in conjunction with a proprietary shaped ferrule, we were able to achieve the strength and reliability of the radial crimp, ergonomics and smooth edges of the internal expansion, and the gasket seal of the reusable fitting. This innovative design, when coupled to one of our many hose selections, provides a perfect 3A 62-02 assembly every time.