Customer Care

Ace Sanitary is committed to satisfying our customers’ need for sanitary hose, hose couplings, assemblies, and accessories. Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction with on-time delivery, quick turn-around, and quality products. Lean methods and continual improvement are used to ensure our customers receive a competitive price.

8 Advantages of Great Service

  1. It’s free, costs little or nothing, and is worth a fortune
  2. It builds good will
  3. It builds customer loyalty- they look forward to the next time they buy from you and are happy to do business with you
  4. It creates memorable experiences that will be retold time after time
  5. It makes your customers sales people for your business
  6. It leads to referred business
  7. It makes it harder for competitors to steal away customers- even at a lower price
  8. It creates a clear distinction between companies engaged in the same business

‘’I have been with Ace Sanitary from the first order to celebrating our largest sales quarter in company history, and one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that any problem we’ve encountered along the way was not solved by quick knee jerk reactions but by asking questions, investigation, and evaluation. The desire to make the situation better for our customers far outweighed the desire to fix or cover up the problem, which has created the opportunity for quality growth and improvement.”

-Andrea Warren, Administrative Specialist


Ace Sanitary Advantages - Customer Orientation


Ace Sanitary Advantages - Customer Orientation