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Male Pipe Thread - NPT
  • 360° Gasket Seal Stem to Hose FerruleEliminates bacteria entrapment growth areas
  • Contoured EdgesProvides safety for worker and plumbing ease
  • Exclusive TwistLOC™Components guaranteed not to separate, Pat. Pending
  • High-Grade 316L MaterialChemical resistant
  • 3-A, 62-01 LISTEDHighest sanitary standards compliant
  • Quality WorkmanshipSuperior internal surface, 15 Ra
  • Deep Barb SerrationsPrevents blow-off
  • Radial CrimpNo internal die impressions
  • Full Flow Smooth BoreObstruction free connection CIP-COP suitable
  • Date, Part & Heat NumbersLaser etched for permanent identification, traceability and assemble date (customized etching available)
Molded Ends Molded Ends

Designed to provide the ultimate in sanitary flow the “Crack and crevice free” ends come in a variety of con gurations on Ace Sanitary “P” series hose using ultra high purity Hytrel. Applications include instances where the process demands no stainless steel wetted parts, lighter weight and OEM applications.

For our “A” series tubing molded ends are available in Polypropylene, Hytrel and Polysulfone depending on the materials involved. Popular end styles would be Tri-Clamps, I-Lines, threaded ends and bevel seats.

For silicone products we would offer silicone tri-clamp molded ends with either stainless steel or polysulfone back up rings or cups. Generally, molded ends also provide cost savings.

Note: For all molded ends in sanitary styles Molded plastic clamps are recommended as they provide 360 degrees of pressure vs. SS cast clamps that only provide a few pressure points in the circumference of the tri-clamp or I-line anges. 

Molded Hoses Molded Hoses
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Provides a leak free solution for flow panel connections
PBT Braid Reinforced Tubing PBT Braid Reinforced Tubing
  • A flexible clear tubing with multiple polyester braids
  • Provides dependable reinforcement for all suitable applications
  • Compliant with 3A, USDA and FDA standards
PBW Suction/Transfer Hose PBW Suction/Transfer Hose
  • Combines polyester braids with steel wire of the PBT & PWT hoses to provide the benefits of both
PCT Clear Non-reinforced Tubing PCT Clear Non-reinforced Tubing
  • FDA PVC transparent tubing
  • Clear extrusion
  • Compliant with 3A, USDA and FDA standards
PHC Suction/Transport Hose PHC Suction/Transport Hose
  • Clear hose, reinforced with clear helix rod
  • Compliant with 3A, USDA and FDA standards
  • Suited for in-plant environments, it’s low temperature flexibility is perfect for all liquid dairy or dry product transfers
PHH Suction/Transfer Hose PHH Suction/Transfer Hose
  • Transparent extrusion, reinforced with white helix rod
  • Compliant with 3A, USDA and FDA standards
  • Provides extreme low temperature flexibility, ideal for use in milk hauling
PWT Wire Reinforced Tubing PWT Wire Reinforced Tubing
  • Heavy-duty hose with steel wire helix rod reinforcement
  • Suitable for milk handling and food processing
  • Compliant with 3A, USDA and FDA standards and provides high suction even in higher temperatures
RBT Beverage Transfer RBT Beverage Transfer
  • High pressure hose with limited suction capability
  • Ideal for the highly demanding service of transferring liquid products in breweries, wineries and dairies.
  • Bounce back design resists damage from kinking or flattening in high traffic areas.