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Washdown Station

The Ace Sanitary STVM Washdown Stationdownload icon delivers a high temperature wash down using a proprietary mixing valve that combines steam and water for a constant stream at the operator’s

The intuitive safety shutoff feature essentially eliminates the “hose full of steam” problem of the past, decreasing hazardous conditions.

With a single moving part, the thermal actuator within the mixing valve cartridge, the Ace Sanitary Washdown Station ensures long, uninterrupted use and silent operation, even in high mineral content water conditions.

Then HCX (Hot / Cold Water Mixing) stationdownload icon, pictured left, combines simplicity and cost effectiveness with the reliability and safety inherent in all washdown stations by Ace Sanitary

STVM Product Details


Download the STVM specificaton sheet for more information download icon

HCX Product Details


Download the HCX specificaton sheet for more information download icon

Washdown Group with Spray




Flex-Crimp by Ace Sanitary

Flex-Crimp™ brand of crimpers is a powerful machine capable of crimping a variety of sanitary, hydraulic, composite and industrial hoses. All Flex-Crimp models come standard with a quick change tool for quick and easy die changes. The touch screen crimp controller takes the guess work out of crimping with easy machine calculations.

The Flex-Crimp system continuously crimps to within .005" everytime. the Flex-Crimp line of products offers the most consistent crimp in the market today and comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Flex-Crimp CC60 Flex-Crimp CC38

The CC60 crimper with a 7.5 HP pump for 265 tons of crimping force and has the capacity to crimp up to 4" industrial hose.

The CC38 crimper with 240 ton crimping force has the capacity to crimp 1.25" multi spiral hydraulic hose and 2" industrial hose.