Reducers and Hose Support

Seal-Rite Gauge Reducer

The Seal-Rite Gauge Reducer provides easy and quick transition for a variety of applications. These reducers are machined from 316L Stainless Steel and are permanently marked with heat number. They are electropolished in compliance with the highest sanitary standards and provide solutions when standard concentric reducers aren’t conducive for tight, confined areas.

Seal-Rite Hose Support

The Seal-Rite Hose Support provides additional protection for your transfer hoses. In environments where abnormal cover wear can occur, you can lift up and extend the life of your hose. The two halves easily attach with two recessed locking screws. The lightweight design, wide outer edges, and even wider collar provide stability which eliminates kinking. Our supports are ideal for use in receiving bays to eliminate damming or pooling water.

Seal-Rite Fitting Bumper

The Seal-Rite Fitting Bumper provides additional protection for your floors and fittings. The bumper elevates the fitting while absorbing the occasional mishap.

This product is may require a “Minimum Order” quantity. Consult factory about ordering.

Hose Sling Hose Support

Hose Sling is a polyurethane saddle designed to suspend hoses. Each model comes complete with its own UV treated sling, which is fastened in a choker position. Designed to accommodate the OEM’s minimum bending radius to protect hose from kinking and to prolong the life of a hose.

Vue-Gard Protective Shield

Vue-Gard Shields provide for visual inspection of joints, indicators, and flanges. The shield prevents hazardous sprayouts and contributes to a safe work environment. Constructed of a specially designed TFE and clear ECTFE to enable clear viewing.

Modeled Labels, Racks, and Custom Fabrication

Stainless Hose Racks

Proper hose storage is critical to maintain the working life of hose assemblies. Stainless Space Hose Racks are the perfect solution to organizing your sanitary hose assemblies. When used properly, these Racks ensure that each hose is stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • HRA “Arched” Hose Rack
  • HRS “Slotted” Hose Rack

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact designs for use in any clean environment
  • Extends hose working life and ensures 100% drainage
  • Eliminates clutter and enhances safety
  • Stores hoses, clamps gaskets and adaptors in one convenient location
  • Conforms with FDA and 3A regulations for hose storage

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