SSD Single Braid Discharge

A braid reinforced silicone hose, processed with pharmaceutical grade elastomer, designed for mid-range pressures. Manufactured using standard polyester or Nomex braid. Compliant 3A, USDA and FDA standards. Resist weathering & temperature extremes.

SSD Single Braid Discharge
Common Specs: 
Available Models: 
Model   O.D. Working Pressure Min. Bend Radius Vacuum inch HG Length
SSD025   .52" 135 PSI 1.5" Not Applicable 50'
SSD037   .66" 100 PSI 2.0" Not Applicable 50'
SSD050   .80"  80 PSI 2.0" Not Applicable 50'


  .97  60 PSI 2.5" Not Applicable 50'


  1.10"  50 PSI 3.0" Not Applicable 50'
SSD100   1.36"  45 PSI 4.0" Not Applicable 50'

*The 3-A 62-02 standard applies only to assemblies of .75" inner diameter and larger.

WARNING: Working pressure ratings for all Flex-Rite™ brand hoses are based on 70° F (ambient temperature). Working pressure and vacuum ratings will decrease as temperatures increase. For “S” Series applications that exceed 250° F contact manufacturer for suggestions.