RBT Beverage Transfer

A high pressure hose with limited suction capability is ideal for the highly demanding service of transferring liquid products in breweries, wineries and dairies. Bounce back design resists damage from kinking or flattening in high traffic areas.

RBT Beverage Transfer
Common Specs: 
Available Models: 

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Model I.D. O.D. Working Pressure Min. Bend Radius Weight per Ft. Vacuum inch HG
RBT100 1.0" 1.69" 250 PSI 4.0" .81 lbs. 20"
RBT150 1.5" 2.23" 250 PSI 5.5" 1.20 lbs. 20"
RBT200 2.0" 2.92" 250 PSI 6.5" 1.86 lbs. 20"
RBT300 3.0" 4.09" 250 PSI 10.0" 3.57 lbs. 20"

*The 3-A 62-02 standard applies only to assemblies of .75" inner diameter and larger.

WARNING: Working pressure ratings for all Flex-Rite™ brand hoses are based on 70° F (ambient temperature). Working pressure and vacuum ratings will decrease as temperatures increase. For “R” Series applications that exceed 200° F contact manufacturer for suggestions.